Barstow, CA Slash X to Primm, NV off road trail ride.

Yes we did it. I’ve always wanted to do this trip and we finally did. Allot of people ask, “How did you do it”? Well, here’s how. We left slash X

around 12:30pm; bad choice I know because for a trip that was supposed to take 5 hours, it really took 9 hours. After throwing back a few burgers we took off from Slash X and headed west towards Camp Rock Rd.

Trail Map:

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Directions: From the Slash X parking lot you can see power lines off into the distance to your right, if you’re facing away from Slash X. You want to take that Powerline Road to Camp Rock Rd. Once you hit Camp Rock Rd turn left (north). Stay on Camp Rock Rd and go over the Hwy 40. After about a mile you will hit the wash. Turn right into the wash and ride the wash till you hit Minneola Rd. Turn left on Minneola Rd and go over the 15 Fwy. Stop at that gas station and fuel up because it’s that last fuel stop till Primm, NV. You could fuel in Baker, Ca but it’s kind of out of the way. After you make the pit stop head out behind the gas station and hit Powerline Rd. That’s it! Once you’re on Powerline Rd, you’re golden. Depending on your time constraints you can make multiple stops on the way to enjoy a tasty beverage. However, don’t dilly dally things happen out there that can turn your trip from a 5 hour ride to a 9 hour ride. Our group consisted of two RZR 4’s and Purple Rain. We call the Sand Rail “Purple Rain”. Purple Rain broke down about 5 Miles before Baker with a de-rimmed tire and the roll cage was severed from being bounced around.

So we loaded everyone, plus gear into the two RZR’s and headed to the hanging boat. What is the hanging boat you ask? Well behind baker, about 2 miles hanging from the power lines, is a little runabout boat with the wording S.S.Vickers written on the side of it. I haven’t a clue who or how it was raised and hung there, but a pretty sweet pit stop to say the least.

So after we stopped and soaked up the glorious S.S. Vickers we realized it was 3:45pm and headed north to Primm before sun down. Unfortunately we would run into another snag about 10 miles after Death Valley Rd. I was following Red Rhino’s dust cloud doing about 45 when all of a sudden; I hit a cooler and had to swerve out of the way from spar tires rolling down the trial. Red Rhino lost his luggage, coolers and spare tires out the back of his RZR. We got everything loaded, minus one blown out cooler that I demolished and we lost Crystals pack back which had her wallet and cell phone it. We would have to come back the next day and really search for her backpack because it was getting dark. We did find it the next day, come to find out the tie-down that held everything down caught on fire from the exhaust tip and let loose.

After giving up the search that night we headed back on the trail. The last 30 miles goes through that mountain range before Primm so it’s a little slower ride, especially at night. Once you get to the top of the hills before Primm,NV you can see the lights of Whiskey Pete’s, Buffalo Bills and Primm Valley Resort. Let me tell you, it’s a glorious site after 9 hours of riding. From the top of the hills it’s really the home stretch. We stayed at Buffalo Bills so we would have to go under the 15 fwy. One tip is to enter behind Whiskey Pete’s there is a break in the fence line behind the big rig parking area. Tired, broken and way too sober to be at Primm at 8:00p.m., we parked the RZR’s and headed inside for a night of drinking and gambling.

Red Rhino did pretty well from the photo. He kept calling it his green penis.

The next day, we headed out at 11:00a.m. for our hangover ride back home. The ride back only took us 7 hours because we had no complications. However, we did make allot of stops back home. On the way back we had a couple photo ops. We stopped and found a buried boat and a cool train! I have to say that the Barstow to Primm trip is the best trail ride that i have done thus far!




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